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      Welcome to Sterling Images Gallery on the Internet where you can view and learn how to purchase the works of Ron Sterling. Call 206-784-7842 for appointment times.

      The brick and mortar version of the Sterling Images Gallery that was found at 7035 Beach Drive SW, Seattle, WA, has been retired due to a Notice of Zoning Violation that was upheld by the Director of the Seattle Department of Planning and Development. We will keep some of its history posted here until we reorganize this site.

        Sterling Images Gallery.

      This site is under reconstruction and will be updated by March 1, 2014. Below you can find information about a few notable events that took place at the brick and mortar, neighborhood gallery before it was shut down by Seattle's Department of Planning and Development for a zone violation.

        February 11, 2009 -- Art Walk! -- Dedicated to the Taj Mahal.

      We thought we would dedicate the February 11, 2009 Art Walk event at Sterling Images Gallery to the Taj Mahal, since the Taj Mahal would not have existed except for the love of the Shah for his third wife, who died while giving birth. What better Valentine to give than a structure that is so pure and so magnificent that it is included in the list of the Seven Wonders of the World. From my perspective, as a stunned photographer of the Taj Mahal in 1982, I would have crawled on my knees from New Delhi to see it again, under the same conditions.

      We gave out free 8x10 prints of the Taj Mahal to all of our Art Walk visitors.

        February 11, 2009 -- Art Walk! -- Free Shuttle Service from the Junction!

      Sterling Images, Gail Ann Photography, The Kenney, and West Seattle Wine Cellars provided free shuttle service from the West Seattle Junction to their sites on Art Walk night, February 11! It was an interesting and challenging test drive of the concept and we suggest that the West Seattle Art Walk folks take a more serious look at providing such a service to their art walkers in the future.

        What Was the Duckwalk?   Will it be Back?   (Unfortunately, "No")

      The opening of SIG on August 13, 2009, was such a success that we decided to do a weekly, Thursday evening Duckwalk (like an Art Walk, only way more fun) every Thursday in September and October of 2009. Below is a copy of the official Duckwalk flyer. Weekly drawings for one child and one adult ducky item (t-shirt or calendar) took place.

      The Rackner children were big winners of Duckwalk prizes given away during September and October 2009.

      "Put Your Art Hat On" is an original saying created by Ron Sterling for Sterling Images Gallery, and it means what it says!

        The Gallery Presented King Duck!

      In celebration of Halloween, Sterling Images Gallery ("SIG") presented Ducky Warhol as "King Duck!" He was the host of the First Annual Ducky Warhol Halloween Celebration presented by Ron Sterling and Sarah Fetzer. He was heard saying "I'm dead! You're not! So, have a great Halloween!"

      Click on the "HQ" button when the video starts for a High Quality version.

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